william j. lee

Writer, Editor, and Filmmaker in North Hatley, Québec, Canada

I‘ve never had a standard one size fits all CV. My business cards have called me a multimedia producer, screenwriter, film producer, teacher, editor, writing coach, and just simply - writer. I'm driven by an innate curiosity, a love of storytelling, an entrepreneurial spirit, combined with a passion for learning and teaching others what I’ve learned.

Professionally I’m a computer and idea resource for hire and enjoy helping people evaluate, develop and write good story ideas, books, screenplays, websites and business plans. Together we can turn good writing into great writing and transform rough drafts into polished gems.

I’ve worked on more than 50 film and television productions including the box office hit Three Men & A Baby and the Academy Award winning movie Moonstruck. I’ve also read and evaluated over 1000 screenplays for myself and others; written, produced, and directed my own film projects; taught screenwriting at The University of Sherbrooke in Quebec; and coached over 500 people on how to speak english as a second language.

Along the way I co-founded an Internet and technology company that partnered with Robert De Niro & Tribeca Films; Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records and producer of Marley, Mandela, and The Basketball Diaries; A. Kitman Ho, producer of Hotel Rwanda, Ali, and JFK; and John Malone’s Liberty Media.

Currently I am focused on developing and writing film and book projects, along with working with clients in providing constructive feedback and help in getting projects developed, sold, published, or produced.