William Pino (Miami)

Business Leader and Lighting Engineer in Miami, Florida

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Longtime Miami resident William Pino formerly served as the president of Municipal Lighting Systems, Inc., Main Street Engineering, Inc., and Florida Lighting & Traffic, Inc. An engineer with over three decades of experience designing and overseeing the construction of large public and private projects as well as outdoor lighting solutions, William Pino has worked on projects such as Miami International Airport, the port of Miami, Brickell Avenue, the main highway in Coconut Grove, and SR 874 during the course of his career.

Initially involved in municipal outdoor lighting, William Pino oversaw the growth of Municipal Lighting Systems from a startup in 1995 to the biggest supplier of outdoor lighting products in Florida. In addition, as the president of Main Street Engineering, he championed lighting solutions that produced minimal light pollution and respected turtle breeding grounds.

Mr. Pino holds a BS in electrical engineering and physics from the University of Costa Rica. Before his 1975 graduation, he served as a teaching assistant for a number of physics courses and authored two professional publications. He subsequently ran the MLS Group, a conglomerate of businesses with annual sales of over $45 million, as CEO.

Outside of his professional life, he enjoys travelling, eating good food, and learning languages. He is fluent in English and Spanish but is also proficient at a conversational level in French, Portuguese, Italian, and Greek.

  • Work
    • Florida Lighting & Traffic Inc
  • Education
    • University of Costa Rica