William Riback

lawyer in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

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William Riback is an attorney in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, who has a long record of success. Riback has been praised for his advocacy efforts as he defends the rights of individuals and companies. He has also been successful in prosecuting federal and state cases, and is able to practice law in three states: New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

William Riback served as co-counsel in a class action suit against Rent-A-Center. In this role, William helped to secure a payment for over 100,000 Rent-A-Center consumers. Throughout his career, Riback has become an expert at communication, strategic decision making, and appellate advocacy.

For almost three decades, William Riback has worked as the Founder and Managing Partner of The Law Offices of William Riback. During this time, William has spent a good amount of time nurturing and maintaining good client relationships with his customers. People who work with him praise his ability to be a fair and well researched appellate lawyer.

William has always been drawn to law, so becoming a lawyer was a natural progression of events. After he graduated high school, William attended Richard Stockton College, where in he got a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. He then went on to attend American University, where he received his Juris Doctorate. He then went on to gain more experience in the field of law, spending a couple of years drafting motions for search and seizure, and even investigating a death penalty case that resulted in an acquittal.

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