Bill Starkey

CEO in Montgomery, TX, US

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Bill Starkey of Montgomery, Texas, founded Starkey Construction and served as the company’s CEO for nearly four decades. Emphasizing quality work in the design and build of high-end homes, he employed expert craftsmanship and premium materials. Bill Starkey took pride in unique creations that reflected specific architectural eras and the design preferences of the homeowners.

At the same time, Mr. Starkey had a focus on sustainability that included the reduction of waste and pollution in the construction process. Committed to recycling and reusing materials wherever possible, he emphasized efficient water use and energy use, and sourced nontoxic materials. The results were homes that met the quality-of-life requirements of occupants while reflecting an ever-changing environment.

Bill Starkey’s leadership responsibilities in Montgomery extended to a comprehensive life cycle assessment with every project. His company was a longstanding licensed contractor that was highly ranked in its industry.

Passionate about travel and flying, Mr. Starkey enjoys piloting a Lancair Evolution aircraft when he has the opportunity.

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