Emily Jo Wilson

I'm a nature enthusiast with a masters degree in Conservation and a 1st class bachelors degree in Biology. I educate, I create, I research. And I never stop learning. Or blogging. I'm a family girl with big dreams, neat freak tendencies and a brain that never switches off. My love of animals, the British countryside and exploring leaves me always looking for that next great picture! Constantly meeting new people on my travels inspires me to never settle for anything less than what makes me happy.

Volunteering History: London Wildlife Trust, The Peoples Trust for Endangered Species, Essex Wildlife Trust; Bedford's Park, Colchester Zoo, RSPCA, The Conservation Volunteers and Brentwood Borough Council. Check out my published blogs @conservationjobsUK and @wordpress

Currently working at World Animal Protection UK (formerly known as The World Society for the Protection of Animals - WSPA) looking at Animal Welfare PhDs and finally living the dream!