WinGate Wilderness

Behavioral healthcare in Kanab, Utah

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WinGate Wilderness is a licensed outdoor therapeutic program that integrates the serenity and beauty of the natural environment as part of an engaging healing process. We specialize in helping adolescents and young adults struggling with anger, low self-esteem, anxiety, trauma, loss, attachment, adoption issues, school refusal, executive functioning, and co-occurring substance abuse.

What sets Wingate apart from other outdoor programs is our uninterrupted therapeutic wilderness experience. Most outdoor programs use add-on programming to give their programs an adventurous feel. However, planned activities tend to break up natural therapeutic moments. In addition, coordination is hectic, distracting, and often upsets our progress.

Total immersion in the stunning outdoors of Southern Utah brings students face-to-face with their shadows and strengths in a uniquely personal way. As a result, students learn to become active, dependable team members by disrupting their habitual patterns and coping mechanisms.

Our licensed therapists and experienced field staff are trained to help teens learn to thrive as self-reliant, respectful individuals–whether they are in the wilderness or back at home.