Winston Huff

( Screenwriter, Blogger, Rendering Artist)

Professional screenwriter working in the film industry since 1996. Focused on sales of original works, as well as contract work for specs, rewrites and directing. Available in both LA & NYC.

CGI graphics generalist with years of experience in creating evocative renders, pictorial displays which enhance the written word, conveying the ardent symbiosis of ideas and images, concepts which are simultaneously heard and seen.

Collaborative thinker and artist eager to work with other passionate professionals to explore exciting new avenues of expression and content in a variety of disciplines.

Available for freelance work in the areas of creative writing, editing and graphics development for movies, television, music, games, comics and online entertainment properties.

Honored numerous times for screenwriting work, including multiple high-ranking placements in The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences' prestigious Nicholl Fellowship. ©


Science Fiction

Speculative Fiction


CGI Rendering, Both Photo & Non Photo Realistic

Loglines / Scripts available via or by email.