Jan Winum

Entrepreneur and Social Innovator in Denmark

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I guess you can say my entrepreneurial career started at age 8 when I started washing windows for people.

I then fumbled through my career until I found myself giving speeches and hosting workshops after having helped a serial entrepreneur revenue by 50% on one of his product.


But then I lost it all and developed a mental illness.

I worked through it with personal development and got an opportunity to come back big. It turned out to be a shady set up and I ended up exposed on the internet in an super hurtful article connecting me to this.

This could have been a new set back but I decided this time to use it as fuel instead.

And it reconnected me to my values and my mantra: Giving Is The New Selling

With my values and mantra in my heart I am now back stronger than ever super driven to make a positive difference.

I do that now with the project The Game which is a project that - through gamification - is on a mission to generate more project under my brand Mailiac.

Thanks for reading :)