William Pelagio



۩....seems aloof...but not...shy & guarded only...

۩....seems unfriendly...but not...jz minding his own business only...

۩....don't talk that much but when he does...you'll hit it off...

۩....loves to travel and discover new sights...

۩....lover of good movies, super!!!

۩.... is a former Lagro Subd resident..

۩....SUPPORTS Filipinos ON AI...


call center experiences:

...now back where I started from...
ACCENTURE - Eastwood City 1 yr & 7 mos.
CONVERGYS - Ortigas 2 yrs & 2 mos.
Sykes/ICT (Unionbank Tower) - Ortigas 8 months..

۞----June '06 NLE BOARD PASSER!!!! yehey!

۞---- i'm a silent type of a guy but once u get 2 know me..i'm a joker

۞---- i guess i'm a friendly person,really...

۞----i'm a taurean that's why i'm a lover of good things..

۞---- i'm childlike/childish...but not a bully although i'm a taurean..

۞---- i'm a collector of toys of mcdonald's esp the disney& snoopy toys

۞---- i'm a geek for animes, Justice League & X-Men, Fan of Game of Thrones/Revenge/The Walking Dead/Arrow/Dallas 2012/series

۞---- i'm protective of my friends

۞---- i love my cell..& all 1000+ mp3's on it..

۞---- i love comic books,dvds,cds,books/audiobooks...of my interests..

۞---- i love these personalities: madonna,avri lavigne,alanis morissette, oprah winfrey & ellen de generes<--bcos they're angels

۞---- i love justice league and x-men..SUPER!!

۞---- i love "every little thing" by Dishwalla so much..

۞---- i love RX93.1 & d tandem of chico & delamar and 99.5 HITFM

۞---- i love the color blue, tangerine, & all earthtone colors

۞---- i love nips, m&m's, chocnut, & polvoron & red ice tea

۞---- i love california maki of tokyo2x & teriyaki boy

۞---- i love coffee bean over starbucks,nuff said..

۞---- i can't stand d humid weather..i get red..

۞---- i love goolai salads & cheesecake of cheesecake atbpa..

۞---- i love Facebook & Friendster...

۞---- i love youtube...i seldom use twitter...but u can follow me @BigRedNoodLe...

۞---- i....miss the good ol' days...

  • Work
    • BPO industry
  • Education
    • Accounting
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