Wolfgang Hammersmith

Hammersmith is an avid scuba diver. He first gained his scuba diving certification in 1964. He has earned a Master Diver and a professional Dive Master Certification from PADI, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, which includes the following specialties:

Wreck Diver
Hammersmith learned the ins and outs of discovering and exploring sunken vessels of all types. This PADI course trained him in wreck exploration and analysis, measurement, and cause of sinking.

Deep Diver
In order to develop underwater cinematography and videography skills, Hammersmith needed a deep diver specialty. This PADI training course teaches divers techniques for diving in a deeper range of 60-130 feet. Hammersmith gained additional experience planning, organizing, and making deep dives. His training in Advanced Deep Water Diving was the basis that allowed him to train for work at depths to 165fsw on open circuit scuba, with dives to 265fsw using mixed gasses.

Night Diver
Preparing and setting up night dives requires a unique set of skills, including how to control buoyancy and open water ascents in total darkness. Hammersmith uses his training as a night diver to conduct underwater film and video production shoots and to explore areas that are always dark, such as underwater wrecks and caves.

Rescue Diver
The rescue diver course teaches divers how to prevent problems and address them should they occur. Instructors teach self-rescue; emergency management and equipment; rescuing panicked or unresponsive divers; and recognizing/managing stress in other divers.

Equipment Specialist
This PADI rating is about being familiar with and performing basic maintenance on open-circuit scuba gear and logging its use, recognizing when it needs maintenance, repair, or replacement.

Underwater Navigator
Laying out and following underwater search patterns, sea floor cartography, using underwater navigation tools including course boards.

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