Tom Murphy

Retired Parallel Programming Advocate in California

Tom Murphy

Retired Parallel Programming Advocate in California

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I have been program chair of Computer Science at Contra Costa College, and director of the CCC High Performance Computing Center, supporting computer science courses and projects.

I have been a member of the National Computational Science Institute Parallel and Distributed Working group since 2003. We presented workshops for faculty each year; were on the executive committee of the SC07-11 Education Program; and developed the Bootable Cluster CD software platform, the LittleFe hardware platform, and the CSERD (Computational Science Education Reference Desk) curricular platform. I was a founding member of the Educational Alliance for a Parallel Future and co-host of the “Teach Parallel” broadcast.

My past interests included exploration of the metaverse for teaching and training, developing cameraless classroom video podcasts, inexpensive electronic white boards, and carryon attaché clusters. Interest in parallel programming education persists. Internet of Things, 3D printing, game development, and hackathons are current interests helping students ignite and apply CS knowledge and experience.

An interesting fact about me is I have a Bacon-Erdos number of 6: a Bacon number of 2 from my acting career and an Erdos number of 4 from my computer science career.

Students have been key, but most important to me is my wife and family. Lately I cook, garden and play video games.

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