Author Woo Myung

Writer, Teacher, and Public Speaker in 뉴욕, 미국

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“A constant riddle in my mind was the fact that we had to die after living this way – as well as where we come from, why we live and where we go after we die. I also pondered why we all come into the world but only some people become saints, while others such as myself are just ordinary people.”

– Woo Myung


The answers to these questions only came to Woo Myung after he achieved Truth. He then realized that anyone can become Truth if they discarded their selves, and he began to ponder on the best method possible to teach others to also become Truth. “In order to teach people, there needed to be a method. I studied this question from the perspective of ordinary people.” He no longer needed to cleanse his own mind, but he studied even harder, eventually resulting in seven levels of meditation methods. To this day he continues to study, write, and give speeches on these questions.

Woo Myung is known for being a spiritual leader who works harder and endeavors more than the students who come to learn from him. Perhaps this is because he knows better than anyone the reason people are born and given precious life, and why we must not fail to become Truth. For him, the moment when all people in the world become Truth cannot come soon enough and he makes full use of each moment of every day to this end.

He once said, “It is not my purpose to make disciples. I am here to make masters.” He was referring to the fact that anyone can become Truth when they meditate according to the meditation method and his teachings. Ensuing results of the meditation have shown the universality and accuracy of the method. It also carries the meaning that those who have become Truth can become masters who can guide others to Truth.


Woo Myung's Published Books

- The Book Of Wisdom (Mar 2001)

- Nature’s Flow (Sep 2001)

- Mind (Sep 2001)

- The Enlightened World (Sep 2001)

- World Beyond World (Sep 2003)

- The Living Eternal World (May 2004)

- Heaven’s Formula For Saving The World (Apr 2005)

- The Way To Become A Person in Heaven While Living (Oct 2006)

- Where You Become True Is The Place Of Truth (Aug 2008)

- Stop Living In This Land Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness Live There Forever (Jun 2011)