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World FUNABA Martial Arts is a registered body. It is an indigenous traditional Martial Arts originated from the state of Manipur (India) during the ancient period. The Head Office is at Manipur (India)

FUNABA is a Manipuri Word and the meaning is to ‘Fight’. Fighting involves a single person/ more persons with or without arms / Weapons. In ancient time our ancestor also used the Word PHU - NA - BA but Meitee Mayek script

FU-Fight (Fuba)
NA-By Hook or By Crook (Namphu)
BA - Agree (Yanaba)

In FUNABA both Techniques of Offensive and Defensive are required depending on the prevailing situations.

Where we have to dominate the position of the opponents in case of Offence Technique. In case of Defensive Technique we have to wait and watch till we get best opportunity to dominate the opponents and here it applies the Self Defence in the FUNABA Martial Arts.

The Nature of the World Funaba Federation shall be purely Self Defence, Weapons, Yoga, and Martial Art and Gymnastic Art free from caste, creed, colour, politics and religion.

The area of operation of the World Funaba Federation shall be all over the World.

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