World of Warriors Hack

Today we’re going to talk about World of Warriors Hack. Our newly developed cheats tool for this ultimate popular November 2014. released combat & adventure strategy game, which also contain many features of RPG genre, such as training your army fighters, evolving, leveling up and upgrading their fighting skills. World of Warriors gives you an epic story of exploring the world of Wildlands, fighting with your army of warriors (you have option to fight with one or multiple fighters) of all kinds, from Vikings and Romans to Samurai and Knights. The, game is really rich of features and quests, and also beautifully designed with 3D stunning graphics, HQ sounds effects, amazing nature and gaming world.

The game is totally free to download and play. However some game items can be bought for real money inside app-store.

You can also disable this premium features inside the game, what is really useful if you want to get rid of annoying pop-ups and messages which notifies you every few minutes some of items are available to purchase.

And of course players who invest their money in buying game currencies, main precious and desired ones are called “Wildstones” which can afford you everything in the game! From all resources like food (called “Ham”) to open closed gates which contains rare and useful items inside the game. Wildstones are freely called gift from the gods in this game.

To help all of you “free” players who don’t have enough income to invest in buying resources for this game, we created you powerful cheats tool which is generator what creates all desired resources: Wildstones, Honor Stones (blue gems), and Gold completely Free in unlimited amounts!

Sounds awesome, we know! It’s time to fully enjoy this epic game. This software have also implemented Anti-Ban protection inside, so you don’t have to worry about getting banned. Our app uses auto updating proxies which bypass World of Warriors anti-cheat system all the way.

World Of Warriors Hack Download