Mary Jo Hodge

A little Paradise Eden, NY

Mary Jo Hodge

A little Paradise Eden, NY

I was born in a big red barn of a house on June 15, 1935. A brother had proceeded me but the unfortunate infant contacted pheumonia and lived only three months. Needless to say I was anxiously awaited and wanted - of course I was supposed to be a boy.

Nevertheless I was cuddled and spoiled. Yes, there was no money, after all this was the time of the Great Depression. Our family was rich - rich with love.

My Sister joined us when I was going on three and a little brother finally arrived five years later.

My first great discovery was the public library. At home we had only one book for children; a big blue book with Bible stories and pictures of a tower falling down, a man in a lion's den and another called Abraham - well, never mind about him. I loved the book anyway, In third grade the teacher told me I tested at a grade eight level in reading. Why couldn't I spell as well?

Let's skip Junior High and the "zits", ok? We'll go directly to the Summer before tenth grade. A new boy in town caught my eye, It took the Air Force and war in Korea before he realized that a girl back home was waiting for him alone. Almost sixty years later we hear the song, "... you're too young ,,," , grin, and pull out the picture albums.

I'll tell you about how our family grew, my education and work elsewhere as I'm running out of characters allowed.

Oh, I don't mean the kind of Characters in my novels. I'll never run out of them. It is all I can do to decide whose voice is next to speak in my stories. "JOHANNA" is ready to shout. Should I try query letters again or a print-as-ordered option?

Suggestions greatly appreciated. Have a joyous day.

Mary Jo

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    • Field of mental health
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    • BS and MS = Auburn U DPA from NYU