Writer's Relief

Writer's Relief provides professional literary services for writers who want to improve their submission strategy and gain greater visibility in the publishing industry. Consisting of publishing experts, enthusiastic organizers and motivators, and published authors, the Writer's Relief team offers diverse experience and a shared passion for creative writing.

The company proofreads and formats creative writing submissions and also researches the best, personalized markets for a writer's work. Their pinpoint targeting takes into account the author's publication history, length and content of the work, and personal editorial preferences in order to provide information and guidance about which literary agents (and/or editors of literary journals) are best-suited for a particular submission.

Writer's Relief helps poets, short story writers, and essay writers submit their creative writing to literary journals for publication.

Writer's Relief helps nonfiction book authors and novelists write query letters and target those queries to the best-suited literary agents (the company believes having a literary agent to act as an author advocate is currently the best way to connect with a traditional publishing house).

Gaining insight into the world of publishing, individuals who take advantage of the company's services come to understand the small steps and details that make a large impact. Clients most often choose the Writer's Relief Full Service package, while others decide to utilize A La Carte Services. Individuals interested in learning more about the services provided by Writer's Relief may visit www.writersrelief.com or call (866) 405-3003.