Günther Benjamins

Wykhoffweg 51

Sifu Günther Benjamins is born in Lübeck / Germany. He is a 9. Level Ving Chun Kung Fu Instructor, Founder & President of the Ving Tsun Academy Europe, Martial Arts Health & Fitness Association. Krav Maga Academy Germany and Security Service Protection Academy, Vice President of the World Ving Tsun Athletic Association and World Ving Chun Federation, Permanent Member Ving Tsun Athletic Associatio / Hongkong and Authentic Ving Tsun Association / Hongkong.

He holds the following degrees:

- 10. Duan All Style Kung Fu

- 10. Dan / Baysa Combat Sambo

- 9. Level Ving Chun Kung Fu

- 9. Dan Taekwon - Do

- 8. Dan Krav Maga Combat Concepts

- 7. Degree Krav Survival

- Kapap Instructor "C"

- Doctor in Martial Arts

- Professor of Philosophy in Martial Arts & Science

- Ving Tsun Kung Fu Grandmaster of the Year 2013

  • Work
    • Martial Arts Instructor