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Best 10 WWE Divas

Best 10 WWE Divas

More than The decades, the WWE has employed girls in their story lines. Initially, they were mostly utilized as supervisors who'd sometimes interfere with games. Vince McMahon recognized that these girls have become ever more popular and began featuring them in games. Now, there is not a series that goes on this will not possess a Diva present. There have been innumerable divas in and outside of the WWE through recent years. There appears to be a terrific debate over who the best divas have been. A leading "diva" is one which raises ratings for the WWE. It's sports entertainment right? These positions aren't predicated on the very best "female wrestlers" however, the best "divas".

10. Christy Hemme needed a Brief stay From the WWE. She was the first winner of this diva hunt in 2004. This red led diva came to the WWE with a great deal of spunk and charm. Her look in the april 2005 version of playboy magazine helped propel her livelihood. Her wrestling highlight was a look on Wrestlemania 21 against afterward rival Trish Stratus. Christy became the TNA Knockout Of The Year in 2006 and is now still with TNA wrestling.

9. She's also been WWE Womens Champion four times. Since the passing of trish, mickie might be the greatest female wrestler on the WWE roster. She's rated 1 of 50 in Pro Wrestling Illustrateds listing of high female wrestlers. Mickie is a fan favorite and is sure to have a lengthy career in the WWE.

8. Michelle McCool is perhaps the most athletic diva from the WWE. She and Mickie James would be the sole divas to have been equally WWE Divas Champion and WWE Womens Champion. Michelle made her debut in 2004 within their diva search, also continues to be climbing from the rankings ever since. She's currently ranked 8th in Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

7. Candice Michelle has profited from exposure out of the WWE. She had been included in the superbowl 37 godaddy commercial. She's introduced in playboy (april 2006). She's also had success in the ring because her 2004 debut as part of their diva search. She's become WWE Womens Champion and has been called Pro Wrestling Illustrated Women of the Year in 2007. If it was not for nagging injuries, Candice might have rated higher on the record.