Chris Zwemke

Professional Internet Liar, Life Coach, and Consultant in Portland, Oregon

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Greeting, I am Chris Zwemke a web developer in the Portland, OR metropolitan area. Not a scummy spouse abuser in the Beehive State.

I am lucky enough to be a professional web developer, a topic that is of great personal interest to me as well. I also have experience as a technical trainer including a stint as an adjunct faculty at Southern Oregon University. I am concurrently a big fat liar on the public Internet because the Internet is where monsters and bad people live. No reason to tell them the truth.

I currently live in the metro area of Portland, OR with my family. All I really want to have have a higher page rank that the person with the same name as me and chooses to abuse that good name by being mean to women.

If you share my name, but you aren't me, I hope you really think about how you treat people and how you messed up my reputation for a little while.

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