Orlando FL

Hello I am Xamlinnette and I have a dream... I want to travel the world! I want to know more people, culture, I want to reach, to impact others in a positive way. I want to inspire and transfer my picturesque life into words to share with others. I want to see with my own eyes the beauty of what God has created, not only with my eyes but with my heart as well.

In my journey, this dream was so far from become real, but out of the sudden started to get closer to me than ever. Also in this journey I am encountering the beauty of learning how to travel and know about the world not only in presence but through peoples heart. Now I am writing a new story full of my dreams one day at a time. A new story that I want to share with you.To tell you a little bit about my, beside that I study biology and that I love nature, that I am a mom of the most loving and wonderful kids (Two normal teenagers a boy and a girl that I love with all my heart) - I've been writing for many years and I was keeping it all to myself. I have notebooks with notes, poems, essays, but I kept them hidden in a memory box. You know... one of those boxes where you hide your tears and disappointments, your embarrassing moments and your rage. With the time I started sharing some of my writings with my mom and some friends, and they loved the way I express my self, even my best friend suggest me to start a blog. I didn't know what was that at that moment, so I searched and for the first time I wanted to share the world what was on my mind. Still I was shy, and afraid of people judging me. Anyways I wasn't very consistent on posting things, even I had plenty of things that I could it shared. A lot of drama was happening in my life at that moment and of course with that comes a lot of inspiration but I didn't want people feeling sorry for me and my heart broken drama so I kept my writing to my self again. I kept the blog, and I wrote few things here and there but never shared it with people that knew me, in other words, I had a ghost blog that nobody knew about.

Beside my crazy inspirational thoughts, poems and essays, I have written entire scripts for plays at my church. As the leader of the theater group at my church, I love to presents original material with great subjects. I really enjoyed this kind of writing because the words doesn't stay on the paper, they come to life, from a non-existent set all in my head- to see them come to life, is fascinating.