Xander Zweig

Writer, Podcaster, and Voice Artist in Tianjin, China

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Producer, Writer, Voice Artist & Podcaster.
Globe-Trotter with a dash of anthropology and a sprinkle of philosophy. All served with a cheeky smile and a wink.

While exploring the world, Xander's interest in the paranormal & supernatural comes from his fascination with different cultures & beliefs.
With a sexy Ph.D. in Ufology and a lifelong obsession with the paranormal, occult, folklore & legends, he's a great guy to drink with and not too shabby in a pub quiz

You'll find Xander poking around ancient sites looking for signs of the Annunaki, exploring temples in Asia playing hide & seek with Buddha, or at the nearest tattoo parlor filling the gaps.

Favorite Listener Voted Xander Quote:
"Those sneaky, culty, bastards"

  • Education
    • Thomas Francis University: PhD Ufology
    • City Varsity Film & Media: Producing & Directing
    • City Varsity Film & Media: Drama