Anthony Castro

New Milford, New Jersey, United States

I am always inspired by the world around me. I find myself surrounded by people who have strong passions that drive their lives.

My current and long-term goal is to change the world. As lofty as that may sound, I believe that I could do that every day by the way I carry myself, interact with others, and inspire others to bring themselves to a purposeful and meaningful lifestyle.

Passion drives my creativity in my work, whether it be in social and digital media, or in making marketing and communications campaigns. That drive continues to push me today to connect, engage, and grow with others.

Looking for someone to work with in social media, marketing, advertising, or communications? Check out my resume below. Looking for someone to talk to about life? Trying to have a partner-in-crime to work together and change the world? Please consider me as a possible candidate!

E-mail me, reach out to me through social media, or connect to me on LinkedIn!

  • Work
    • Bread & Bullets | Brand Manager
  • Education
    • Seton Hall University