Xarah Dax

Project Manager and Unemployable in Switzerland,

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I'm Swiss. Blogger. Webdesigner. Hobby-Gardener. Xenite. Affiliate Marketer. I like to decorate candles.

My goal is to change lots of small worlds because nobody can change the whole world all by themselves. But lots and lots of small worlds will change the world. Right?

In order to do that mostefficiently, I joined a 90 day CBD Challenge. It's free to join and you will get lots of information and training on business, network marketing, affiliate marketing = your own business, your own freedom.

Every day you will get a new video, so no overwhelm and easy to do next to a job.

Get back to me to find out more, best is Facebook or Skype.

(Skype: sarnetwork)

Cell +41 76 384 87 74 (whatsapp)

Cheers, Xarah

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    • selfemployed since 2001