Fahim Faisal

Hello! So finally you got here.

Lets start, Erm.. A regular teenager, Foodie.

I seriously have no idea about what I should put in here, although I don't think it's gonna matter, anyway. I can write a few things down. Not really sure how to keep them well put.

I'm 19 and currently studying at a college. I like reading novels (now it's down to one per month), listening to a lot of music. I also watch a lot of movies (anything but Horror). I literally can watch everything. Sitcoms are fun, as always.

Here's an interesting fact about myself, I love Demi Lovato, oh yes I do. :3

I love Mountain Biking, I've a huge interest in Bikes, yeah, Bicycle. ;) I also like to explore here and there.

That's all for now, have a good day. ^_^

Thanks to apofiss for the Background photo.