Xion vd

Small Business Owner and Student in The Netherlands

Hello, I'm Xion, an 19-year-old student currently pursuing my main course in media designing.

I'm passionate about creating immersive experiences within the gaming industry, particularly focusing on Minecraft. I own Bennix, a company dedicated to enhancing the Minecraft experience by developing plugins and expanding its offerings. I have experience in various roles, such as running a store, managing customer communication, and acting as a CEO.

I've learned valuable lessons from previous ventures, including Unalty, Nero, and Venatus, which didn't achieve the success I had hoped for. However, these experiences have shaped my mindset and taught me the importance of learning from failures. I believe in personal growth and using setbacks as opportunities for self-improvement.

  • In addition to my work at Bennix, I manage TikTok creators such as Chillingwithasmr and asmrdragonfly. Through these experiences, I have gained insights into the TikTok platform, audience preferences, and community management. Designing websites, creating merchandise, and handling statistics have given me a holistic understanding of content creation and promotion.

I am motivated by a strong desire to succeed and prove those who doubted me wrong. I believe that responsibility and utilizing every opportunity effectively are essential in leading a fulfilling life. Experience is my key to success, and I continuously strive to leverage my skills and resources to achieve the best outcomes.

Let's embark on a journey of continuous learning, embracing challenges, and working together to create meaningful and successful endeavors.

For who doesn't/didn't believe in me: (click here).

My portfolio will be added to this website in the future, I am still working on this.

  • Work
    • Ceo @ Bennix
  • Education
    • Mediadesign & IT
    • MBO 4