Xosé Manuel Carreira

Engineering and Computer Modelling in Madrid, España

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Unlocking Innovation through Engineering Excellence 🚀

🔍 About Me: As a child, I harboured dreams of emulating the polymathic genius, Leonardo da Vinci. My fascination with constructing the extraordinary and pushing the boundaries of the ordinary was the cornerstone of my journey. Today, I've evolved into a versatile engineer with an unwavering passion for computer modeling and simulation, tailored for both industrial and natural environments.

🔧 My Approach: I adopt the Swiss Army knife approach in all my projects, wielding a diverse skill set that spans Finite Element Analysis encompassing structural, mechanical, fluids, and thermal design. I thrive under pressure, consistently setting and achieving ambitious goals, while harmoniously balancing the fine line between meeting client expectations and addressing broader societal needs.

🤝 Let's Connect: I welcome the opportunity to engage in meaningful professional discussions, welcome constructive criticism to refine my ideas, and offer my expertise to support your endeavors. Don't hesitate to reach out for insightful collaboration!

  • Work
    • Deskia Consult
  • Education
    • Civil engineering
    • Computer science