Xrumer Bases

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Project Manager in Spain

What is the run on profiles?

On the live forums, each pogon registered a new user, whose profile field in the Website or Family page is your link. Also, in some forums it is possible to insert a signature into the profile, you can stick a link to the anchor. All this can be varied. In the profiles of links live long enough, because there is no trash in pure form, and outline profiles do not blur the eyes or forum readers, or moderators. The run is done by the final version of the hrumer base from the server with the most likely speed and performance.

Who needs Xrumer?

Using XRumer is black optimization. This method is quantitative - there is a group shipment.

Usually, the program is used by optimizers who don't have the ability to manually choose to exchange links and links to specialized sites. They use the app - it automatically does all the work of finding a website they can link to for publication