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Y8 Games is a faithful companion of good mood and the best leisure in virtual reality. This section contains the coolest and most positive entertainment for all tastes. Such applications are a perfect and almost endless source of adventure. Here you can find a very wide variety of genres, and among the favorites, of course, are the crazy spectacular shooters with aliens, planetary takeover, Wild West, war, etc. Also, do not miss the opportunity to have fun rushing races, drifting, parking variety of vehicles: buses, planes, cars, trucks, cabs, motorcycles.

Games Y8 attractive because there is a big world, there is where to turn around, do tricks on the racing wheelbarrows or embark on crazy adventures, walkers, solve a lot of the best puzzles, etc. Such fun should not be missed, it's time to go into any of the entertainment and plunge into a world of incredible positive madness.