Yaa-Hemaa Obiri-Yeboah

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I have a lot of ideas and stories swirling around in my head. When you're that kind of person you have no choice but to let those mental impressions out somehow. For me, that release comes through writing and through playing music.

We often overuse the word "love", but it's truly how I feel about music. I absolutely, wholeheartedly love it. I love what music does for all of us - its ability to inspire change, alter moods, set a romantic scene, or conjure love in a person who has given up on its beauty.

I also love how I feel when I sing or when I play the piano. I'm at my best when I perform. It's when I feel most calm, serene, confident and powerful. When I write, when I sing, it's from the truest place within me. My lyrics, my melodies, that's me unrestrained. My music, that's the most honest , most real part of myself.

  • Work
    • Public Servant by day, Singer by night
  • Education
    • University of British Columbia and Oxford (Rhodes Scholar)