Yael Aflalo

Founder of Reformation in New York

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Yael Aflalo is a fashion industry innovator and entrepreneur. In 2009, she founded Reformation, a groundbreaking fashion label that utilizes sustainable materials and practices to create trend-setting, feminine clothing and accessories.

Yael Aflalo thought of the idea for Reformation while on a business trip in China where she first encountered the wasteful and harmful production practices in many clothing factories. She affirmed her commitment to ensuring chic and sustainable fashion options and introduced green measures into every element of the Reformation brand. With Aflalo’s insightful leadership, Reformation is produced entirely in the first sustainable sewing facility in the United States. In 2015, Aflalo lead Reformation’s introduction of RefScale, a tool which allows customers to track their environmental savings with each Reformation purchase by gauging CO2 and H2O savings as well as the labor invested in the production of each article of clothing.

Reformation is not Aflalo’s first encounter with the world of fashion. She is a former model who has worked with some of the industry’s most well-known brands. In 1999, at 21 years old, she launched Ya-Ya, her own clothing label. She also opened a vintage clothing store in L.A. and designed a couture line for Urban Outfitters.

Yael Aflalo lives in New York.