Kelly O'Brien

Editor, Director, and Consultant in Arizona

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Recordings of Independent Origin (ROIO) are videos, unscripted and mostly unplanned by their technician. Essentially we overcome blocks; example a target goes out of frame or focus is lost, a ready pivot for a 2nd shot is key. Musicians react to a live audience. I am ready to react to both. Determining if a decayed pivot vs building a complex post production FX chain best to keep the captures fluid and the viewer's captive. I cultivated a solution. Technique I use to broaden the aesthetic value of my services. Keeping thing simple allows for creative action; explore technique, sharpen a skill set, preserve the perfect moment. A chance to glean catharsis artists and fans feel or feed.

The name Yahoo! Serious has become synonymous with creative survival in a segment of the industry that officially, did not exist. Branding was everywhere. Shirts, stickers, postcards and on various social media. Initially fans but soon even bands were passing around links to Y!S videos.

Today Y!S future is bright. DIY attitude and unique vision kept projects active. Timing and band recognition assured I would stand out. I am humbled that both bands and fans have supported and favored Y!S.

Yahoo! + Serious = Capture live video essential to a bands period early on, hoping to catch the perfect moment; to preserve and present future generations and captivate the musicians and their fans.

Yahoo! - why? This summed up a positive outlook on life. Proposes an unwritten contract: To 'have a good time all the time'. Also a natural expression excitement or joy. Antonym to the epithet "The show must go on"

Serious - why? Professional demeanor and lower expectations can build the illusion of invisibility. This play between artists interject elements of fun and ensures Y!S tech's capture artists without distraction or interference. Capturing the fun is integral to the Yahoo! Serious collective but the perfect moment is an genuine catharsis between the crowd and stage. Positive mental attitude is essential to maintain warmth and confident relation between crews. If we look bad in view of musicians, fans or crew it will reflect negatively on the band, or their contract brokers. This could hinder collaboration agreements with individuals who have supported our past work. Agreements that are expressly our responsibility to maintain. One breach is one too many and may have effect upon the entire Y!S collective. If they look bad, we look bad.

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