Yannick Powell

Orlando FL

Yannick Powell also known as "Vazco", is a entertainment business consultant, social media consultant, songwriter and music producer from Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. At a very young age, Yannick displayed a strong passion for music and the entertainment business. In Yannick's spare time, he's either advising colleagues, associates or clients about the entertainment and music business. If he's not doing that then he can be found composing a musical piece. With his solid work ethic and immoderate dedication over the years; from studying the business and playing at gigs, Yannick has been able to attain a Bachelor degree in Entertainment Business and a Associate degree in Business Administration. Yannick is a very focused and innovative individual and is in fact responsible for the production of all original work from Cayman Islands band Bona Fide. Over the years he has developed a strong passion for composing and arranging music from which he began at the age of 14. He has also been invloved in the business development and management of entertainment companies and a international care agency. In 2011 Yannick was awarded the Young Musician of the Year Award from the Cayman Music Entertainment Association. Yannick's strongest notion is that practice makes perfect as long as there is hard work, dedication and a focused mind.

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Business
    • Associate of Science in Business Administration