Yasam Ayavefe

CEO - Milaya Capital Ltd in Dubai

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Dr. Yasam Ayavefe is a renowned business leader and philanthropist who has made his fortune by investing in several lucrative opportunities throughout his career. He is widely recognized internationally for his insightful observations and innate understanding of human nature. Dr. Ayavefe is the Chairman of the Board of Milaya Capital Limited, a company he co-founded in 2017 with a vision to build a sustainable world. The company operates independently of banking or insurance control, allowing Dr. Ayavefe to steer it according to his ethical principles, prioritizing transparency and efficiency.

Thanks to his underlying approach, Milaya Capital has delivered strong returns across markets, making substantial dividends for a company still in its early stages. Dr. Ayavefe takes the responsibility of creating new opportunities for bright individuals seriously, always seeking individuals who clearly understand their portfolios. Dr. Ayavefe's success story dates back to his early telecommunications programming and cybersecurity career in Turkey and Cyprus. Yasam Ayavefe used his knowledge of the products and services offered in a particular sector, adapting it to fit what was happening on the world stage. This approach led him to make successful investments in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, the UK, and the Balkans, rolling one success into another.

Besides being the Chairman at Milaya, Dr. Ayavefe is also the CEO of Oxotech, MNM Holdings LTD, Pinoroza, and Nevzat Barcin. Companies span sectors such as blockchain, real estate, hospitality, textiles, telecom, construction, and import-export. His portfolio features successful investments in tech, reflecting his excellent understanding of different markets and trends. Dr. Ayavefe is known for his dedication to formal education, demonstrated by his Computer Engineering and International Relations and Affairs degree from the University of Kyrgyzstan and his doctorate in Economics from the Academy of Economic Studies in Moldova. His education equipped him with the skills to connect different ideas in the classroom and the field.

Yasam Ayavefe is a devoted philanthropist who gives back to causes he feels will impact the world around him the most. He believes protecting the planet is essential, especially after the pandemic, encouraging everyone to reevaluate their relationship with their surroundings.