Yaseen Theba

Yaseen Theba is the founder and chief executive of Merloni, an award-wining branding company that services the likes of Standard Bank, Deloitte, Fruit & Veg City and State Information Technology Agency among others. As a consummate freelancer and eminent tech guru he contributes to numerous publications in South Africa and formerly on his fast growing blog -- yaseen.co.za

His passion is educating and entertaining all seeking the latest and greatest in technology. Yaseen brings his passion for technology to his volunteer work. Earlier this year he established a mentoring program in partnership with community development centres to help students build careers in IT.

In the meantime, he spearheaded the numerous fundraising campaigns needed to fund many of the society’s member programmes. When not consumed by tech challenges, he spends his days pondering over the future of the internet and the disruptive change it’s bringing to our society.