Yayne Hailu

New York, New York

Yayne is a communications and media freelancer with a focus in digital media and a drive for merging creativity and social good. She has an extensive background in global health and social and cultural determinents. Yayne holds a Masters in International Health from New York University. She has worked in Rio de Janeiro, Cotê D'Ivoire and other parts of Africa on both professional and personal projects.

A true Afropolitan, Yayne spent her childhood traveling between Ethiopia, Cotê D'Ivoire, Tunisa, Egypt, Oregon, and New York. As a nomad at heart, she continues to travel regularly between New York and Rio and hopes to add more routes to the list. Her thirst for experiencing new cultures, knack for understanding people, and desire to tell people's stories are her driving forces.

"Not all those who wander are lost" - J.R.R. Tolkien

Areas of Interest:

Disenfranchised Communities/ Latin America & Africa / Gender Issues/

Writing/ Blogging / Design / PR / Social Media/

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