Yayne Hailu

Writer, Consultant, and Social Media Manager in New York

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Yayne is a passionate writer and content producer with an intuitive ability for using creativity to get results. She started her career as a public health advocate for marginalized populations but quickly realized she could make a bigger impact through her talents of written and visual storytelling. She has since used her strategic communications skills to help build brands and lead campaigns for both for- and non-profits. As a consultant, she refined her ability to craft stories and messaging for various audiences. Her multilingual and global background enables her to forge durable relationships with a variety of communities and tell stories that resonate with them. Yayne is committed to producing powerful and innovative content that will inspire, excite, and uplift others. She holds a Masters in International Health from New York University and has worked in Rio de Janeiro, Senegal, Abu Dhabi and other parts of the world on both professional and personal projects.

A true Afropolitan, Yayne spent her childhood traveling between Ethiopia, Cotê D'Ivoire, Tunisa, Egypt, Oregon, and New York. As a nomad at heart, she continues to travel regularly and hopes to add more routes to the list. Her thirst for experiencing new cultures, knack for understanding people, and desire to tell people's stories are her driving forces.

"Don't worry about fitting in when you're custom made" - Drake

Areas of Interest:

Disenfranchised Communities/ Latin America, Africa, & the Middle East / Social and Multi-cultural issues and topics/ Millennials/ Pop culture and entertainment/ Culture, Travel, and experience

Writing/ Blogging / Design / PR / Social Media/brand strategy

  • Education
    • New York University