Yassine Chaouche

system administrator, programmer, and postmaster in Algiers, Algeria

Hello! I’m Yassine.

I am a fan of linux & bash (20+ years)

I am also a former python programmer (7 years) and web scraper (see my vimeo and youtube channels).


I do system administration at the Algerian Radio in Algiers, Algeria, where I specialize in email and dns servers management.

I make life simpler for companies and entrepreneurs having to deal with linux servers so they can focus on their main business.

I write about

I helped others to

  • Learn how to program in python and improved their programs/scripts (for free)
  • Hire top talent developers so that they can focus on developing their ride-hailing app business instead (for free)
  • Configure access to their web server via IP address instead of domain name after their domain expired (for free)
  • Automatically download zip files from different pages of a specific website matching a certain criteria in the file names, without downloading and unzipping them first ($60)
  • Configure their roundcube installation to correctly use TLS to connect to their dovecot IMAP server and postfix SMTP server (for free)
  • Create ascii profile photos based on their real photo (1 for free, 5 for $5)
  • Understand how SSL/TLS works (for free)
  • Understand how CPU caches work (for free)
  • Install and renew multi-domain letsencrypt SSL certificates
  • Move websites and associated e-mails to other hosters (100Gb+ 100€)

My current gigs

Cool ascii portrait

Export any data from any website to excel sheets

Reach out to me

by phone

+213779060623 (Viber and GSM)

By mail

[email protected]

Via twitter



I am ychaouche on libera.chat.

I sometimes go to the following channels :

  • #emacs
  • #debian
  • #linux
  • #email
  • #networking
  • #security
  • #bash
  • #awk
  • #dns
  • #web

Or via the platforms below