Yasmin Choudhury

London, UK

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I am a social entrepreneur and a proud British Muslim feminist.

Lovedesh®, is a philanthropic start up brand I created for the 'Third World'. My simple dream to revolutionise how we connect, see and experience folks in war-torn and poorest nations, the UN calls 'LDCS'. To persuade the rest of the world, to #LTTTW to help change negative opinions. I am starting with Bangladesh - it's my heritage and am inspired by my late father.

I want to change how life sucks for folks in conflict, garment workers and poor artisans. Read my story here

To smash stigma, I bring experiences to UK's doorstep. For example, I have brought the wood fired curry. To London. Plus, I scout out and support food and travel artisans in 'Third World' nations, local entrepreneurs who are building eco or sustainable attractions and boutique hotels, and home cooks whose recipes are generations old. I also design my own original fashion ranges called Lovedesh Army™ and Lovedesh Atelier™. Fair trade and using textiles sourced from cottage industries. Once I am in profit. I will be paying independent artisans/suppliers extra for working remotely and alone.

Amcariza Foundation™, is my niche charity I volunteer to get world to celebrate and seed fund 'Third World' nations directly at grass roots level. To get us out there, visiting. To help hard up folks independent without charging them in a fun way too.

Think of all the 'Third World' artisans, recipes, culture, destinations we as a world have yet to unearth. Isn't it time we saw past just the constant poverty and crises? To have fun and celebrate alongside them at a grassroots level? That's my mission.

How did I get the idea for Lovedesh™?

It was my late father (RIP) who urged me to help Bangladesh. I never listened to him. 'Now I have Dad.'

I also want the feminist agenda in Islam be promoted. Pls sign my petiti

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