Yermi Brenner

Writer, Editor, and Filmmaker in Berlin, Germany

I report on migration issues and minorities, in Germany and throughout Europe. My work has been published by Al Jazeera English, CNNi, PRI, and other news media.

I am a migrant, a son of a migrant, a grandson of a refugee, and a great-grandson of rejected asylum seekers. I am drawn to reporting on migration-integration stories because they are globally important and relevant to my future, my present and my past.

I am one of over 232 million people (3.2 percent of the world’s population) living outside their country of origin. In Europe, the share of migrants in total population has grown from seven per cent in 1990, to 10 per cent in 2013. Germany, my adopted home, has seen a record influx of asylum seekers. Some arrive at welcoming environments, but others land in places where anti-foreigner sentiments are rising.

The goal of my reporting is to highlight migration-integration issues, and provide you with an intimate look into the lives of migrants and refugees.