Yigal Ziv

Software Developer in West Bloomfield/Commerce - Michigan

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An expert in software development, Yigal Ziv was born in Israel. He traveled to the US to work for his employer's business and to pursue a career in software after growing up and receiving his education in his native country. Mr. Ziv was a key contributor to the development and execution of numerous programs over the years, including the use of data to boost machine productivity.

At Lemoine Multinational Technologies, Inc., which he has controlled since March 1988, Mr. Ziv is the company's current president. After 34 years at Lemoine, Mr. Ziv has witnessed his business through a number of changes and has played a key role in putting new strategies into place.

Lemoine Technologies arrived in the country in 1988. The way machines produce molds and dyes was revolutionized by an international corporation using digital technology, and it hasn't stopped since. In the sections that follow, you can read more about his lengthy relationship with Lemoine, as well as what the business performs and how significant its products are to contemporary living.

  • Education
    • Tel Aviv University