Yogeshwar Waghela

Graphic Design, Entertainment and Film maker in Lucknow, India

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A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind.Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.With this status of mind I am well pleased to be the founder of E.R.Z Productions. Having and creating a skillful stage for graphic designing , movie and television studio , arts and entertainment and also photography .With such competencies I suppose I am Someone who thinks positively ,loses oneself completely in the masterpiece I am about to create. I am one who can execute on difficult tasks. Rather, when given a specific task, I can figure out the best ways to solve the problem in an autonomous manner. I consistently innovate to create value. I find opportunities where other people see none: I turn ideas into projects, and projects into serial success. Have a very creative mind. I always have a unique perspective when approaching an issue due to my broad range of interests and hobbies. Creativity is the source of differentiation and therefore, at the root of competitive advantage.With an age of experience I have deftly accomplished control over a variety of art works . Have sincerely served my happy clients and wish to continue with the same . I am a person of ethics. I do what I am paid for, and I do it well.I seek to work for a successful company that has strong leadership and vision and who recognizes and rewards performers.

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