Yogesh Ram

London, United Kingdom

Welcome to my page!

I am an advocate of digital tools and content, fascinated by the world of tech and improvements in lifestyle and productivity. I'm living and breathing digital to drive brand awareness, engagement, transmedia storytelling and content creation.

I have over 10 years experience in Hospitality, ranging from managing specialist bars, event operations, marketing and sales.

At Home House Private Member's Club, I am marketing a luxury brand to a niche audience advocating the use of digital tools and channels to drive improvements and engagement, supported by offline media. I write brand copy, enhance the luxury image by redesigning the website and email campaigns, redesign offline media and organise digital tools and channels. Throughout my career, I have driven commercial value delivering projects to understand brand positioning, attract, engage and improve brand awareness. I seek to influence digital campaigns and champion whole business improvements utilising digital platforms.

I have worked in FMCGs, commercial lending and have run a property business. Recently I decided to take the leap for the digital revolution and found myself being SQUARED by Google! (Watch my video: Squared Online), loved every minute of everything I learnt.

If you're interested, I have produced a niche video voluntarily for a local community event I helped to organise. This video received great feedback and so it was added to YouTube. It now has over 32,000 views using YouTube Ads. You can view it here > The Meaning of Diwali ...can you figure out the narrative voice behind it?

Connect with me onLinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/yogeshyogsram

  • Work
    • Home House Private Member's Club
  • Education
    • Google Squared Online Certificate: Digital Marketing