Yolanda Ortega Stern

Greetings of LOVE and GRATITUDE

for we have so much together -
our mountains, rivers and oceans,
shall keep us even stronger!
Our music,
our stories,
our beautiful voices,
our wild flowers,
our jade islands,
our mighty, valiant hearts;
and our moons and stars
with our winds to carry us
to the good places just awaiting.


The KRIS as a symbol of the "Talking Stick"

The Native Americans have the "Talking Stick." The Chief who presides at Council passes it around. Whoever holds it gets to talk. My kris is the symbolic talking stick. A just and fair Chief hands it to each one with an opinion to express. Peace can only come when the heart of the matter is out on the table for discussion. Mindanao peace talks fail because the hearts of those around the table are hidden beneath the surface.


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