Yony Kochinski

Orange County, CA

I'm a front-end software developer with a particular interest in user experience and data visualization. I like to live in the intersection between exhilarating technology and delightful design.

Javascript is my swiss army knife at the moment (including node.js) but I'm always happy to choose the best technology for the job. I believe that quality and sanity can only be achieved with a solid technology stack and a constantly polished set of tools.

I'm not a designer, but I have an eye for design. I find that mingling with brilliant designers contributes immensely to my success as a developer. Much of my data visualization work is done via d3.js, which I've found to be a wonderfully expressive framework.

I do best in an environment that promotes mutual learning and growth—teaching is learning. I appreciate projects that focus relentlessly on user experience first, with room for creativity and experimentation.

Let's build something great!