York Galland

Thriving entrepreneur, health advocate, scholar, and philanthropist York Galland applies his commitment to excellence to his career successes, educational achievements, and community contributions. Making the most out of his academic career at Provo’s Brigham Young University (BYU), York Galland focused on dual undergraduate studies, receiving his Bachelor of Arts in English and Master of Business Administration, preparing himself for over a decade of successful corporate interactions.

In addition to significant contributions to several charities, York Galland has provided his time and experience to community organizations. Employing his understanding of property management, York Galland offered his assistance to the Provo Municipal Council to find a solution for a local school conversion. As a former neighborhood resident, York Galland proposed an option to open a private school in the area.

York Galland exhibits dedication to more than just his community and academics; he currently helps clients and consumers around the globe with executive-relationship maintenance and nutritional benefits awareness. York Galland served 13 years as Kingsley Management Corp’s Chief Executive Officer after completing his impressive schooling career at BYU in 1996. Positively affecting much of the country’s southwest region, York Galland utilized Kingsley’s 200 employees to improve more than 35 communities with manufactured-housing property management. Overseeing all company actions, York Galland has helped many families secure safe, affordable housing.

York Galland runs his own company, Innovative Matrix. With a vision to provide companies with the technological means for maintaining successful customer relationships, York Galland implements the use of streamlined transactions, customer information management, and organized spending control. York Galland launched Innovative Matrix with his brother Adam and has since developed the company into the fastest-growing online customer relationship management (CRM) solution.