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Yoshihisa Sato

鶴岡市, 日本

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The world is full of WONDER (making us happy, exciting, delight and pleasure), and I always seeking one of it regardless big or small.
I believe that I can be the WONDER creater using IT engineering.

Born in Tsuruoka(Yamagata pref, Tohoku region) on 1984. Lived in Iwate and Miyagi when I was University student. After graduate, joined IBM Japan as System Developer.

Now working on Appirio Japan as System Consultant. Oct. 2017, moved to Tsuruoka and working remotely.

Engineering(especially IT - Programing, Networking, Web, Cloud Technology), Music, Agriculture, Education, Regional activation etc.

As known as:
yosi-q, Umekichi.

  • Education
    • Iwate University
    • Tohoku University