Gavin William James Young

Storyteller, Public Speaker, and Compere in Smethwick, United Kingdom

Allowing people of all ages to feel completely welcome, safe and involved is a challenge for any organisation, venue or event, and peoples' expectations toward high quality entertainment are increasing all the time in this digital age. People are less inclined to go to events or visit sites and places of interest if what's on offer doesn't catch their attention straight away. Audiences are dwindling, visitor numbers are falling and children's ability to create is being stifled more and more. Despite multiple marketing platforms such as social media there is still no substitute for simply having an excellent experience and the word of mouth that comes with the repeat visits of folks who had a good time the first time round.

There is no one who can enthuse and delight an audience or attendees like me. I am warm, personable, funny and inspiring as an event host or workshop leader. As a storyteller I am unforgettably lively, theatrical and brilliant: amazing people with my tall and true tales or even using stories as a Trojan Horse for instilling aspirations, confidence, positive identity and more. And when it comes to public speaking I have 30 years of experience and training in clearly connecting the dots so that my listeners see the whole picture as a story that will remain with them forever.

Call on me to tell stories, to tell your story or to tell the story you want most to be heard. Call on me to draw people's stories out of them so that they can go on to tell them well, or call on me to simply make your event a marvellous memory for everyone who comes.

I am Gavin Young.

I am a storyteller.

Examples of the types of organisations who could best use my skills: Cultural Organisations, Museums, Galleries, Theatre Companies, Schools, Universities, Training Facilities, Interfaith & Inclusion Programmes, Festival Organisations, Think Tanks

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