William Young

Foodservice in Bangor, Maine

William Young

Foodservice in Bangor, Maine

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When I grow up, I want to be just like Jar-Jar Binks.

[de la soul]I like Twizzlers, the Alligator Bop, and my favorite drama movie is "Bloodsucking Freaks That Dress Just Like Your Mama".[/de la soul]

..wait, that' s not true at all!

Your definition of "art" should be as open-ended as your definition of "paperweight".

I'm a big fan of armchair theology and etymology; doubly-so for the etymology of the profane (EG: What's the origin of that horrible name that taxi-cab driver just called you?). Some of my favorites of that latter group include one that stems from Boadicea, and another that stems from a Yiddish term comparable to "My widdle schnookums".

I'm also absurdly fond of espresso, custard, eggnog, and anything that manages to combine two of those three together.

I regularly use the word "regularly", yet I loathe the way I say it. For some reason, I've yet to ween myself onto using "often" or "routinely", depending upon context (and the former lends itself to the Pirates of Penzance "often/orphan" joke, for bonus points).

As a child, I had the childhood dream of a general job in foodservice. The monkey's paw parable came true, and it is now an albatross about my neck (Two! Two! Two literary allusions for the price of one!)

I'm a little more fond of the Fibonacci sequence and ramifications thereof than anyone should really be.

I use the term "thereof" in regular conversation.
  • Work
    • Rustana Group, 1 Main, Bangor
  • Education
    • University of Maine, Orono