Yuda Galis

London, United Kingdom.

Born in Jerusalem Yuda’s passion for food stems from his bakery family background. He would often find himself in the family bakery Chaya Burek watching his grandmother making pastries and was fascinated by every essence of the process, the smells, shapes, tastes and most importantly joy that good food gave to others. He was stimulated from this and Chaya Burek would provide the perfect environment for him to develop his flair for food from a young age.

Yuda studied at the Hadassah Culinary Arts College in Jerusalem, Israel. He went on to work in Israel's top restaurants, notably Mul Yam (one of the 100 finest restaurants in the world according to the "La grande table du monde - French restaurant guide). He then decided that travel was the next necessary move to develop his skills and taste.

Paris would be Yuda’s first destination and where better to start then under the world renowned Joel Rubuchon. Rubuchon is the only chef in the world to have amassed 25 Michelin Stars across his fleet of restaurants and has trained some of the finest chefs in the world, notably Gordon Ramsey. He also would again work under Rubuchon in London, whilst in Paris Yuda also worked at the prestigious restaurant of Avenue Montagne on the Champs Elysees. After a fabulous experience working in Paris and after learning many more new techniques Yuda traveled to the other side of the world where Sydney, Australia was his next destination. There he worked in the Italian Restaurant Lucious - (Restaurant of the year 2007 with 2 hats, Australian Good Food Guide). During his time down under he also experienced the kitchen of the world famous Sydney Opera House.

Here in the UK Yuda has worked across many industries in both the private and public sector, from private dinner parties for VIP’s to some of London's finest restaurants and hotels. Having experienced the many different faces of cheffing he found his calling in the private chef field. After noticing the need for a high quality, fine cuisine driven, bespoke personal service he founded Galor Personal & Private Chefs agency.

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