Yuri Rutman

I educate intelligent and conscious accredited investors, wealth advisers, venture capitalists,private equity funds, portfolio managers, & family offices about the superior ROI of investing in one movie or a portfolio of films. Not as a sexy Hollywood vanity investment to party with movie stars on a yacht at the Cannes Film Festival, but as a long term non-correlated asset class that creates jobs and has a 100% transparency on accounting & revenues.

Chasing the next lottery ticket pre-ipo company or investing in 30 startups and hoping one will be the next Facebook is a poor investment model vs. the superior transparency and absolute return on equity in global film finance, production, and distribution.

Many prominent investors in film include Jeff Skoll-EBAY, Larry Ellison-ORACLE, Jim Breyer-ACCEL PARTNERS, Fred Smith-FEDEX, Jim Kohlberg-KKR, Anil Ambani-RELIANCE, Norman Waitt-GATEWAY,Marc Cuban,Len Blavatnik,Thompson Family, Tim Headington & numerous institutional investors such as Honeywell Pensions,Columbus Nova,Texas Pacific Partners,MC Ventures,Fortress,Elliott Associates,Waddell & Reed and others.

Creatively, I am film/television writer,director,and producer. I am repped by Geoff Silverman @The Cartel www.cartelent.com & a prolific entertainment law firm in Beverly Hills.

Some of my credits based on shows/films I wrote,created,developed, directed, and/or produced include a show deal with the Emmy Award winning Undertow (http://www.undertowfilms.com); "Mr. ID" on Amazon.com; "Warsaw,Chicago"; "Floored" (http://www.flooredthemovie.com); a major cable network deal where I am the co-executive producer; http://www.parahawking.com; "The Scary Guy" (http://www.thescaryguy.com); "Milwaukee" with http://www.mindseyepictures.com, and others

I am also a managing partner at 72 Equity (http://www.72equity.com) leading digital & social media for startups and capital raising.

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For my overall sanity, I train Brazilian JiuJitsu in Chicago under Jeff Serafin/Jack McVicker, Muay Thai under Rick Sollo/AIKI, Astanga & Vinyasa Yoga, Weights, and I am involved with various organizations devoted to conscious living and empowering people that anything is possible only if we treat others with a high degree of human dignity and ethics. My dark humor doesn't count.

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