Yusuke Hasegawa

Architect and Small Business Owner in Tokyo, Japan

Hello, my name is Yusuke Hasegawa.

I'm Japanese and mainly active in Japan.


I am the founder and president of grasys Inc.

My roots are as a Unix/Linux-based infrastructure engineer/architect with experience in system architecture design, environment construction, operational design, and continuous operational improvement, and have worked on many huge-scale systems.

Personally, he is most experienced in central system design and system operation design, including monitoring systems and asset management for huge-scale systems.

I like computers and IT systems, and I don't have much of a boundary between hobby and work.

I have written technical books, interviewed for various technical magazines, and appeared in a Dell TV commercial in Japan for about 4 months in 2012.


grasys Inc.



  • IT System Infrastructure Design
  • Analysis Infrastructure Design
  • Machine Learning System Design
  • IT system operation and maintenance
  • IT System development
  • IT Systems Consulting


  • Google Cloud Partner
    • Google Cloud Expertise
      • Google Cloud Infrastructure
      • Google Cloud Computing
  • Amazon Web Services Partner
  • Microsoft Azure Partner
  • HashiCorp System Integrator Partner, Reseller Partner
  • Elastic Verified Reseller
  • Palo Alto Networks NextWave Partner
  • Looker Consulting Partner
  • Tenable Partner

realve Inc.


grasys Inc. is a partner of tech companies such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, HashiCorp, Elastic, Fastly, Palo Alto Networks, Tenable, and others for cloud and The company's main business is system development.

The company has a subsidiary realve Inc. in the Philippines.

In the business of grasys Inc., I am mainly specialized in worldwide online games, general web-based systems, and among them, large-scale systems and data infrastructure.

The company emphasizes realization and improvement, and values providing an environment where developers and programmers can focus on development with peace of mind.

We are building a Service Stack that combines public clouds such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud with OpenSource, and are focused on providing optimal systems for customers seeking high scalability and cost performance.

I would like to expand overseas, gather a new group of colleagues, and devote myself to solving even more system issues and problems and realizing my ideals.

Fly like an Eagle🦅